Grønning Ruban Smart Bracelet


Explore more with first in the world NFC smart bracelet. We designed a bracelet to be much more than just a fashion element.


Grønning is smart in a new way, with battery-free NFC chips, you don’t need to worry about the battery running out because Grønning smart wearables last almost forever.


  • Durable Italian leather
  • Silver or Gold coating
  • 1x Battery-free NFC chip
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The original Grønning Ruban Bracelet is designed for men who are not afraid to be different and like a little extra attention. It’s eye-catching and perfectly fitting with every outfit.


Grønning Can Replace Your Contactless Cards & More…

You can put everything on your wearable. Just use your phone to duplicate your transit, loyalty, gym, payment, and ID cards on to the watch, to use them anywhere, anytime, without even taking out your wallet. The Grønning watch can also replace your access cards to unlock doors at work or your phone anywhere.

payment card
ID card
transit card
loyalty card
library card
gym card
access card

Duplicating cards in 1-2-3…

You can duplicate almost any card simply with your phone. All you need is Gronning NFC duplicator app, which is available for iOS and Android devices.