More and more smart technologies are taking over the world. The technologies are great, yes, but do we actually need them? Faster, Bigger, More Power – these are the adjectives, which describes best the latest tech innovations. Tech companies are trying to overrun each other, with the goal just to improve some functions, which are already good. This leads us to the time, where new innovations are rare to see. Tech companies, with the slogan “because we can” have forgotten the main reason why we need technologies at first place, to actually make our lives easier.


With the goal of “because we can” we have managed to put computers inside of your watches. Now your watch can tell you the weather, send messages, read emails, take photos, make phone calls and track your every step while monitoring your health. With all these features, at the end of the day, your watch is simply turned off, because the battery ran out. That’s the time when you desperately need to catch the latest train to get home. That’s the time when you promised your son to finally come to see his school play. That’s the time when you meet your girlfriend parents for the first time. And that’s the time when you actually need to know what time it is.


Can’t say, it’s not nice to have all these smart functions so easily accessible for all the time, but do we need it? Does it make your life somehow more valuable if you can read your email without even taking out your smartphone? You will save a few seconds of your precious time and for what? These were the questions which I asked myself when I was planning to buy a smartwatch. And I couldn’t really answer these. With all the extra functions, watches have lost their main purpose, to tell you the time.

The idea of changing the smartwatch concept was born. The idea was to keep the real and original dial, and look while integrating some smart and useful features. The prototype of Grønning smart and simple watch, with its real function, to tell the exact time, was formed.


Grønning smartwatches are using NFC chips, which can give you endless possibilities, while not sucking out your watch battery. Grønning smartwatches use regular batteries, which lasts years, just as real watches do. Inside of Grønning watch straps, there are 3 small NFC chips, which each can be separately programmed to make different actions. To program the chips, all you need is your smartphone.


We are moving forward to the world, where the cards in our wallet are going contactless. And all these contactless smartcards, which are piling up in your wallet can be put on the Grønning watch. This gives you freedom and better access to the cards, which you are using the most. Now instead of searching for your public transit card, you can tap your watch in the gate, and won’t miss the subway again. You can still pay for your coffee at Starbucks and earn loyalty points at your bakery shop.


By simply thinking what we actually need, we have created the perfect smartwatch. Let’s show the world, the easiest technologies are the best.


Founder of Grønning